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ACTS Juvenile Assessment Center in Hillsborough County has a preventative program known as The Olivia Project. Families in crisis are invited to come to the JAC and receive free services similar to what youth who have been brought in by law enforcement receive. To be eligible for this service, the youth must not have been arrested previously.  This program is named after one of the first employees of the JAC, who still works there almost 25 years later. Topics covered include substance abuse, aggression, domestic violence and more. For more information about The Olivia Project, click here.


The Pre-Arrest Intercept Program (PIP) Central Diversion Center offers a single point of entry into the behavioral health system for assessments and appropriate placement of adult individuals experiencing a crisis. The PIP is designed to provide immediate assessment/evaluation and treatment, crisis counseling, case management linkage, and other wraparound services. Participants are engaged at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office adjacent to booking where eligible participants may be linked to services. The program is a 24/7 pre-booking diversion program that includes an intensive case management team targeting those with more severe needs. This system ensures that people with mental illness can receive the treatment and services they need as an alternative to incarceration.


In order to remove transportation barriers for the people we serve, ACTS maintains a robust fleet of vehicles. Vehicles are utilized to transport persons served to appointments and for moves from one program to another during transition of care. As part of the Transportation program, people served have rights to file a grievance. The complaint procedure (included in Grievance Policy) and the form will be made available to the public on the ACTS website, under Grievance Forms along with procedure for filing are listed in the Title VI button at the bottom of the Grievance page. In addition, this non-discriminatory policy is posted in each vehicle that is used for transporting clients.  It is also posted in the common areas of all of our programs and administrative area. If you have any questions about ACTS Transportation Department, call 813.246.4899. 

ACTS Clubhouse

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ACTS Clubhouse is the first psychosocial Clubhouse helping adults seeking mental health recovery opened in Hillsborough County in November 2023.  Click here to learn more about the Clubhouse - help build the Clubhouse community from the beginning! At the Clubhouse members learn practical skills performing tasks in a work-ordered day. To learn more about this program or to become a member, call 813,557.5670 or email 



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A licensed therapist or a Certified Addictions Professional provides assessment, consultation and court liaison services to individuals referred under the Marchman Act for Involuntary Assessment and Stabilization and/or Involuntary Treatment. Services are provided out of ACTS Outpatient Program and through special in-reach programming for engaging involuntary
admissions in hospital emergency rooms and psychiatric units.