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Download a copy of our grievance form here:

If you, a friend or a family member have concerns about the care you have received at ACTS, we hope you will share them with us. Here is how:

Start by talking to your therapist, case manager or staff at the program. If you feel comfortable, let them know you have a concern. Explain what you think is wrong and what you want to change.  Many problems can easily be resolved this way. 

If you feel you cannot talk to the program staff, you should contact their immediate supervisor or the Program Director. 

You are entitled to talk about your concerns. 

  • ​​You will not be asked to leave a program or have any action taken against you because you speak up. 
  • You may ask a family member, friend, advocate, case manager or anyone you choose to assist you in addressing your concerns.  
  • You are also entitled to a response within a reasonable time. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or if you are uncomfortable talking to program staff about your concern, you may contact ACTS Quality Improvement.

ACTS also has a formal grievance process. Grievances are a way to address serious concerns about client rights or safety that cannot be addressed with program staff. 

Examples of when to file grievances include:

  • ​You believe your rights have been violated.
  • ​You feel you have been abused or mistreated by staff. 
  • ​You think the treatment environment is unsafe.
  • ​You believe the program is not following laws or regulations.

You may submit a grievance using our electronic form here. You may also download a copy of our grievance form below and mail or fax it to us at the address or fax number on the form. 

At ACTS, we strive to provide the best quality services possible. Thank you for helping us in our mission.