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In the wake of growing nationwide concern over the Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to take a moment to address some of those concerns as they pertain to Agency for Community Treatment Services, Inc.

We find ourselves in a unique position: We’re a medical facility with a population of immune-compromised individuals who have come to us for addiction and alcoholism treatment, as well as for shelters and permanent housing. Our goal is to keep our employees and clients healthy. 

Program Modification Update

(updated November 8, 2021)

​We remain in Pandemic Alert Status. The COVID-19 Response Task Force have reviewed the latest information, and due to the decline in community and agency cases of COVID-19, we are moving forward with the following modifications to our protocols effective Monday, November 8th, 2021.

Vaccinations: We are a fully vaccinated work force as of November 4, 2021.

Mask Mandate: Our fully vaccinated staff may choose to go mask free outside of client units and client care spaces, such as in offices, breakrooms, meeting rooms, etc. as long as they are not providing care or interacting with clients, families, visitors, etc. If a client or visitor can see you, you should be wearing a face covering.

Residential Program Visitation: Clients may have visits for a maximum of a 30-minute scheduled visitation. Visitors must be screened and signed in and out using a log. We will not be asking client visitors for their vaccine status. This question is reserved for those providing services, such as NA or AA. Prior to visitation, every visitor must be educated on infection control measures, screening, hand hygiene, social distancing, and use of face coverings. A face covering is required for all parties at all times during visitation. Visit spaces must be disinfected between visits. Visitation will only occur at facilities with no cases within 14 days and will immediately cease if a potential case is reported.

Program Visits by Community Groups (NA/AA/CA): Visits/groups held by fully vaccinated members of community groups may resume. Face coverings are required. The COVID-19 Screening form must be completed.

Youth Residential Programs: Home passes for youth residential programs may resume. Outings may resume.

Home Visitation & Client Transport: Case managers may resume in home visits after completing the COVID-19 screening with the client and other members of the household. A face covering is required for all parties at all times during visitation. If the client or family is unwilling to comply, the visit must occur outside. Client transport may continue for emergency needs only.

Meetings: Staff meetings may be held in person or remotely at program director’s discretion.

Client Groups: Groups can contain 15 or less individuals as long as 6 feet of distance can be maintained between each individual.

Employee Trainings: All ACTS led in-person trainings will resume.

Staff Travel: Travel relevant to clients may resume; Employee travel for non-client related activities, such as external trainings or conferences, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We will continue all other COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing, daily screenings of clients and staff, routine disinfection, proper use of PPE, hand hygiene, etc. 


Here are some helpful resources about Coronavirus from the CDC and Florida Health Department, as well as links about substance use and the Coronavirus.